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It's 120 years (1884 to 2004) since Alfred Eyles arrived and first broke soil in what was to become known as Southbroom.  

While Alfred and Catherine (Kitty) Eyles will always be remembered as the town's first pioneers, their youngest sons, Gilbert and Frank, were its founders.

In 1933, the brothers formed a partnership and set about planning a park-like residential township on the land acquired by their father before the turn of the century. Their intention was to preserve its natural beauty through sound town planning. 

As road conditions were very poor along the Lower Couth Coast, development was very slow initially. However, once a new road was constructed, more and more people became acquainted with the natural beauty of the area.

In 1946, after World War II, the brothers formed The Southbroom Development Company, of which they were both directors. The Company controlled the whole estate and was responsible for the extension of the 9 hole golf course into 18 holes, which they then leased to the Southbroom Golf Club.

1n 1952, a health committee formed and, in 1963, it purchased both the golf club and bowling club from the company and leased them at nominal rentals to the two clubs. 

Southbroom attained town board status in 1988.