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(Established 20 December 2003)


Southbroom Recycling Initiative

Home Composting made quick, easy & rewarding

Your household kitchen food organics and garden green organics - what are they and how should they be treated?  As waste and continue to be sent to landfill or as a recyclable resource that you can extract a measurable benefit from?

It is often thought that composting requires a lot of effort and time to eventually get to the final “product”, requiring constant manual intervention (physically maintaining and turning the organic recyclables). However those days are now gone. You can now convert your kitchen and garden organic waste (or what should be referred to as “organic recyclables”) into a quality resource, quickly and with almost no effort year round.

Introducing the Aerobin:

Available in 200, 400 and 600 litre capacities.


Composting with Aerobin is almost effortless. Simply open, drop and close. It’s that easy. The Aerobin will do the rest.

How does it work?

Unlike landfill sites where the break down is achieved in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic breakdown or decomposition) by unhealthy bacteria yielding high levels of methane and carbon dioxide (which we all know is NOT healthy for the environment), the Aerobin rapidly breaks down organic recyclables through a process called “aerobic composting”. The patented Aerobin technology allows air to circulate through the biomass (your recyclable inputs) from the “aeration lung” enabling the healthy microbes to thrive and multiply in a healthy oxygenised environment. A natural example of this can be found on the floors of forests, where droppings from trees and animals are converted into relatively stable organic humus or compost by aerobic decomposition. This form of decomposition doesn’t smell when adequate oxygen is present. So by imitating these natural systems, the Aerobin will actually hasten the decomposition process and produce healthy organic compost, and most importantly, reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions at the same time. So you can do your part by starting at home and not sending your household kitchen and garden recyclables (resources that come at a cost to you) to landfill sites and be rewarded with the healthy natural compost that you will obtain and the natural liquid fertilizer that the Aerobin collects for you.

For Aerobin orders and any additional information, please contact us at or call us on 076 683 7227. Visit the Aerobin website –