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A Southbroom Ratepayers, Conservancy, Policing and Library Initiative
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REMINDER: Domestic Worker's Forum

Please encourage your staff to attend. Their interaction and co-operation with our Sector Police is critical to fighting crime in Southbroom.

Southbroom Community Centre at 13h00 on Friday 17 September 2010

UPDATE: UIP Voting Process

Southbroom has returned a majority vote in favour of the continuation of the 'Special Rating Area'.

Of the 1069 Southbroom properties, 660 (61.7%) votes were received:

>  603 (56.4%) in favour;

>  57 (5.3%) against.

We thank the Southbroom community for their continued support of this initiative.

The matter will be on the HCM Council Agenda on 31 August 2010.

NEW PREMISES: Southbroom Sector Police Station

Our Community Police Station will be relocated from Imbezane Road to the Southbroom Community Centre in the near future.

This decision was taken in response to constructive criticism received during the UIP voting process.

The new location will improve visibility and place our Sector Policing operation in the heart of the village.

Furthermore, SAPS Reservists appointed to man the telephones will receive additional training to ensure good telephone technique, improved diction, and sound knowledge of the Southbroom street names and network.

The ex-Police Station premises will serve as the Community Centre.

PLEASE HELP: Criminals need to be convicted

Our police risk their lives to arrest crime suspects but they keep on having to let them go free!


Because we, the complainants, are often not prepared to give witness in court and, without our testimony, suspects walk free.

This might be because our permanent residence is not in Southbroom and, having received the insurance replacement, its both cost and inconvenience to return down south? We possibly also dread wasting our time in court and fear that, having made the effort, the case might be postponed?

The police have assured us that, when an out of town witness is present, the case will proceed even if only to receive their testimony.

The police need all the assistance we can give them to rid our streets of criminals. Please make every effort to help them - see your case through.

SAPS has advised that, in an effort to 'encourage' witnesses to appear, in future stolen goods will only be returned to the rightful owner after the court case.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Our work cannot continue without your support

The annual subscriptions of Southbroom Ratepayers Association and Southbroom Conservancy are R200 each. Please support these community efforts and make payment as follows:

Southbroom Ratepayers Association: Standard Bank Margate 057528, Account Number 053386744

Southbroom Conservancy: Nedbank Port Shepstone 139828, Account Number 1398104930

Please E-mail proof of payment, your details and stand number to

Sincere thanks to those Ratepayers and Residents who have paid their subscriptions.


Ratepayers Chair:

Bruce Mackenzie

Mobile: 083-702-1311


Conservancy Chair:

David Halle

Mobile: 082-300-4283


Policing Forum Chair:

Kingsley du Plessis

Mobile: 083-441-6986


Concerned Residents Against Pollution Chair:

James (Jim) Davey

Land line: 039-316-6595


Library Chair:

Annette Brink

Mobile: 082-448-4115

Landline: 039-316-6243

Library: 039-316-6999


Ward Councillor:

Dave Watson

Mobile: 082-374-4114

Landline: 039-311-2653


FOR SALE: Keeping the boards out of Southbroom

The Hibiscus Coast Municipality is offering ratepayers a 4% concession on the current 2010/2011 rates levied amount (not on arrears or other s

COASTAL CLEAN UP: Take to the beaches with a black bag

A pollination ecology research team headed up by Prof Steve Johnson at the School of Biological & Conservation Sciences, UKZN in Pietermaritzburg, is assisting Ms Kirsten Patrick with her MSc project on the Aloe thraskii.  She is being helped in the field at the moment by Dr Karl Duffy, a post doc from Ireland.

One of the aspects of Kirsten's project is to identify the m

SOUTHBROOM LIBRARY: Growing from strength to strength

In order to protect the books from the severe humidity of our coastal conditions, a Dehumidifier / Air Conditioner has been installed. Not only w

FIREWORKS: Keeping them out of Southbroom

With the Festive Season fast approaching, we need to encourage residents and visitors to consider our wildlife, pets and life-style and to refrain from celebrating with fireworks.

To increase awareness, it is intended to place banners at both entrances - "Please. No Fireworks."

If you have any other suggestions to still the Big Bangs, please e-mail

Thank you.

HOUSEHOLD REFUSE: Monkey proof your solid waste

If you are a permanent resident, please consider purchasing a 'wheelie-bin' to contain your black bags on refuse day. If you are not, and need to put your refuse bags out on any day other than Monday, please consider placing a secure metal basket on your pavement.

Wheelie bins and various sizes and designs of metal baskets are available from Lood van Eden at Professional Security in Eagle Road, Southbroom. Why not buy local - delivered to your door and fully installed.

Call Lood on 082-558-1075.

SPRING DAY: What a difference you made to our lives


This newsletter is intended for ratepayers and residents of Southbroom, KZN, SA.

Southbroom Ratepayers Association; Southbroom Conservancy; Southbroom Community Policing Forum; Southbroom Property Owners Association; Southbroom Library

P.O. Box 13, Southbroom, 4277, South Africa