Photograph by Sheena James: Family time at Granny's Pool



A Southbroom Ratepayers, Conservancy, Policing and Library Initiative
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Southbroom now forms part of Ward 2 of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality which was won by the Democratic Alliance in the recent election.

We welcome our new Ward Councillor, George Henderson, and look forward to his input and commitment to service delivery in our village.

George can be contacted on 082-771-4276 or e-mail

URBAN WILD LIFE: Recent visitors

These Porcupine quills were found outside 33 North Ridge Road.

Dave Halle is boasting Chameleon in his garden and fireflies on a few occasions and another resident claims to have seen a Honey Badger and its young.

Please click here to let us know what wildlife you have seen around town (not the Harleys please!) and also take time to identify this feathered friend photographed on Berea Road.


Please do not place refuse bags on the road verge on any other day as monkeys and dogs quickly turn it into litter. Rather make arrangements with a neighbour if you are leaving your cottage on a different day - please consider ordering a wire cage pr wheelie bin from Lood on 082-558-1075 of Professional Security Systems & Consulting in Ross ROad/Gilbert Street, Southbroom.

Thank you.

As from September Southbroomers will be able to recycle glass, tins, plastic and paper at our new Recycling Depot in Imbezane Drive in front of the old Municipal offices. Pink plastic bags are available for purchase at the Southbroom Supermarket into which ALL the above may be placed.

We need to differentiate between recycled goods and ordinary rubbish so ask that the pink plastic bags be used for recycling and not black bags. We wish to emphasise that no wet foodstuff or garden refuse is to be placed in these pink bags. If you have stoves, fridges, computers etc which no longer work and which you wish to dispose of, please contact Robyn Harty on 082 8825883 to make arrangements to have these collected. These items are also recyclable.


In the heart of the Village you will find the picturesque Bowling Club which is well supported by both local and up country members and visitors. The Club recently held their AGM and Hans Wijtman now chairs the enthusiastic new committee. Bowls is not just a sport for “old people” and young people are welcome; the Club now has a coach to help you enjoy this very skilful game. Visitors are always welcome but why not become a member, the Annual Membership fees have been reduced from R770 to R670 and there is a Tab fee of R5 includes tea and biscuits. In the new season the Club will also be implementing a Sunday lunch once a month as well as a “Quiz Evening” every third Friday. For more info or to make a booking, contact Hans on Tel: 082 871 3097 or Email,
or Audrey Botton Tel 082 478 5333


At the entrance to Eyles Park on Captain Smith Road the Tennis club is a hive of activity, especially on Wednesday afternoons, Fridays and weekends.

Whilst members are serious about their tennis, this is a very social club and all visitors are welcome.

If you are just wanting a game when the Club is closed, the courts are not locked, feel free to go ahead, but please use the “honesty” box to pay your fees.

Contact Jacqui Jones at for more information.


The Mpenjati/Southbroom Tourism Association is in the process of forming a new committee and calls upon all local business people to get involved. The Mpenjati/Southbroom group encompasses Southbroom, San Lameer and Trafalgar and is the direct link to UGU South Coast Tourism. It is extremely important that we have strong representation at S.C. Tourism not only to bring tourists to our local businesses but also to prevent undesirable tourism activities. Funding is also available from Tourism for tourism related projects from time to time. Please contact Kate Clarence on 039 3166 982 if you would like to serve on the committee or assist in any way.


Ratepayers Chair:

Bruce Mackenzie

Mobile: 083-702-1311


Conservancy Chair:

David Halle

Mobile: 082-300-4283


Policing Forum Chair:

Kingsley du Plessis

Mobile: 083-441-6986


Concerned Residents Against Pollution Chair:

James (Jim) Davey

Land line: 039-316-6595


Library Chair:

Annette Brink

Mobile: 082-448-4115

Landline: 039-316-6243

Library: 039-316-6999


Ward Councillor:

George Henderson

Mobile: 082-771-4276



If you are new to Southbroom you may not be aware that there is a very active Ratepayers Association who acts as your HOTLINE to the local service providers such as Hibiscus Coast Municipality and UGU District Municipality. The team work closely with the Southbroom Conservancy and Community Policing Forum to help maintain our area in the pristine condition we have come to expect. Please feel free to contact any one of the committee members regarding areas of concern, in particular, the list of problem roads (potholes) which we send each week to Council, this needs your input to ensure every pothole is on the list.

Membership of the Ratepayers Association and Conservancy is only R200 p.a. per organisation; the monies accumulated are spent on projects, which do not receive funding from Council, to upgrade and enhance our village. Examples of this are the Whale Watch Platform in the Frederika Preserve and refurbished Braai facility at Main Beach. (see articles below).

Subscriptions of R200 fall due at the end of the year and can be paid at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING which will be held on SATURDAY 17TH DECEMBER at 09H00 at the Southbroom Golf club or by direct deposit to Southbroom Ratepayers Association, Standard Bank Margate Code 057528 Account number 053386744. Please quote your Surname and Lot Number as Reference.

WHALE WATCHING PLATFORM: Frederika Nature Preserve boasts a new facility

Frederika Preserve Environmentalist Leo Driessen donated this magnificent piece of pristine, natural bush, located between Woodlands Drive and Sea Village, to Southbroom in 1977. The preserve has since been extended by further donations and now comprises 8 hectares of mature, virgin dune forest. The Conservancy has set up a new trail leading to a wooden viewing platform so that everyone has access to this beautiful spot. You will be enthralled by the magnificent trees and the views both through the Milkwoods to the sea and inland. You might even stumble upon a shy duiker or bushbuck and for this reason we ask that you not take your dogs whilst walking this trail. The Preserve has been proclaimed a South African Natural Heritage Site for people to enjoy now and into the future and we are privileged to have such a rare and beautiful stretch of dune forest right on our doorstep.

Barn Swallows  

Did you know that every October a large roost of barn swallows arrives at the Umkobi Lagoon?  Every evening, just before sunset, thousands of these plucky little birds gather in the sky and then settle into the reeds for the night.  It is the most incredible sight and we suggest you bring a deck chair, some mozzie spray and a picnic basket and come and see them for yourself.  Park at Umkobi Beach, walk towards the lagoon and watch this wonderful phenomenon.

Festive Season Favourites

Come and join in singing at  a light hearted, family evening of popular festive season songs with special focus on the children.  Diarise 19 December 2011 and make your way to Eyles Park (next to the tennis courts) with chairs, refreshments and the whole family. 

Conservancy Golf Day

Once again this event, which was held on 16 July, was a great success and enjoyed by everyone.  A very big thank you to all those people who worked so hard and contributed towards this day – the committee members, volunteers, Derek and Sheena, the Sponsors, players and the Southbroom Club.  Dawne Murray, the convenor, did a wonderful job and we raised R38 062 in a difficult economic climate.  The money raised has gone towards building a wooden viewing deck in the Frederika Preserve which is part of a new trail for everyone to enjoy.  We have also been able to upgrade various signs around town.

MAIN BEACH BRAAI FACILITY: Refurbished by Southbroom Ratepayers Association

The Southbroom Ratepayers Association recently applied funds to refurbish the braai and picnic facilities on the main headland and behind Riptide.

This is a particularly popular spot on a moon-lit evening - the street lighting further assists.

CRIME: Year on year

Year on year, crime in Southbroom is up but we can still be proud of our efforts

Whilst the municipal bylaws permit fireworks  at midnight on 1 January, please note that they may not be used on any beach or part of the coastline unless an approved permit has been obtained. Fireworks may also not be discharged on any residential property unless the firing area is 100 meters away  from any building, tree, telephone wire or overhead power line.

Please report any unlawful activity or disturbance in your area to Southbroom Sector Policing on 039-316-6760 or to Margate Police Station on 10111. No doubt they will all be very busy on the night but at least the incident will be logged and followed up in the morning.

KARIBA WEEVILS: Allowing nature to eradicate free floating fern Salvinia in golf course dams

Chemical control of Salvinia, a free floating fern that has found its way into the golf course dams, is impossible as all water flows to the irrigation dam and the chemical would have dire consequences on the greens and tees.

The Salvinia Weevil (Cyrtobagous salviniae) is a natural enemy of this invasive weed and the first of several releases of this predator  was made on 13 May 2011.

The adult weevils are about 2mm in length and black in colour,. They live for several months and are found on or near the growth tips or amongst the plant roots. The weevils seldom fly. Rather they walk between the free floating host plants.

The weevils breed well and the young feed on buds, growth tips and roots whilst the older larvae tunnel into the rhizomes causing the leaves to darken and drop off. Adults feed on growth tips and young leaves. Damaged plants become waterlogged and sink.

The control by the weevils has been very successful wherever they have been released, but total control can take up to 3 years.

The weevils have been released on the 3rd, 7th and 11th holes and from there should spread down stream to the other affected dams.

SOUTH AFRICAN CENSUS - IMPORTANT MESSAGES: Please read the message below regarding security during the census period.

12 September 2011

Census - Workers

With the South African Census process beginning, people are advised to be cooperative, but cautious, so as not to become a victim of fraud or identity theft.

The first phase of the 2010 Census is completed where Census Workers verifying the addresses of households across the country.

Eventually, more than 140,000 Census workers will count every person in the South Africa (START DATE 10 OCTOBER) and will gather information about every person living at each address including name, age, gender, race, and other relevant data.

The big question is - how do you tell the difference between a Census worker and a con artist?

1. If a Census worker knocks on your door, they will have a badge, a handheld device, a Census Bureau canvas bag, and a confidentiality notice.

2. Ask to see their identification and their badge before answering their questions.

3. However, you should never invite anyone you don't know into your home.

4. Census workers are currently only knocking on doors to verify address information.

5. Do not give your identity number, credit card or banking information to anyone, even if they claim they need it for the Census.


6. While the Census Bureau might ask for basic financial information, such as a salary range, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION.

The Census Bureau will not ask for bank account, or credit card numbers, nor will employees solicit donations. Any one asking for that information is NOT with the Census Bureau.


No Acorn worker should approach you saying he/she is with the Census Bureau.

Eventually, Census workers may contact you by telephone, mail, or in person at home.

However, the Census Bureau will not contact you by Email, so be on the lookout for Email scams impersonating the Census.

Never click on a link or open any attachments in an Email that are supposedly from the Census Bureau.

Kind regards

Marinda Hartzenberg

Operations Manager

SMC – Security Management Consultants

DRAGON AND DAMSELFLY FAUNA: Felicity Grundlingh overwhelmed by multitude of species on Southbroom's golf course.

In January while travelling through Southbroom, Felicity Grundlingh spent a little time around a few ponds adjacent to Rivulet Road on the golf course. It was such an overwhelming odonatological experience that Felicity felt compelled to email and inform of the astounding diverse dragon and damselfly fauna that live and breed on our golf course!

"The three little ponds with interlinking streams next to the natural stream that meanders its way through Southbroom Golf Course was one of the most diverse locations I have ever visited and I accumulated a species list of 26 species in just under an hour! This is fantastic since there are only 158 species in South Africa and there will of course be quite a few more to add if a little bit more time is spent researching this at the correct time of the year. I live in Cape Town but hopefully I will be able to break away for a long weekend in March/April this or next year just to visit Southbroom again if possible!!"

Southbroom Conservancy agrees with Felicity: It is great to see that a wonderful sport such as golf can so peacefully coincide with nature and even contribute to the conservation thereof.

I am including a species list for you below plus attaching a collage of some of the photographs I took at Southbroom Golf Course.



Mountain Malachite Chlorolestes fasciatus

Highland Spreadwing Lestes plagiatus

Common Citril Ceriagrion glabrum

Painted Sprite Pseudagrion hageni

Masai Sprite Pseudagrion massaicum

Marsh Bluetail Ischnura senegalensis

Sailing Bluet Azuragrion nigridorsum

Little Wisp Agriocnemis exilis

Vagrant Emperor Anax ephippiger

Orange Emperor Anax speratus

Black-splashed Elf Tetrathemis polleni

Julia Skimmer Orthetrum Julia

Machado’s Skimmer Orthetrum machadoi

Black-tailed Skimmer Nesciothemis farinosa

Grizzled Pintail Acisoma panorpoides

Barbet Percher Diplacodes luminans

Broad Scarlet Crocothemis erythraea

Banded Groundling Brachythemis lacustris

Monkshood Dropwing Trithemis aconita

Violet Dropwing Trithemis annulata

Red-veinded Dropwing Trithemis arteriosa

Kirby’s Dropwing Trithemis kirbyi

Jaunty Dropwing Trithemis stictica

Pantala Pantala flavescens

Red Basker Urothemis assignata

Blue Baske Urtothems edwardsii

This newsletter is intended for ratepayers and residents of Southbroom, KZN, SA.

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