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>> Southbroom Ratepayers Association

Do You Know That:-

• Only 1 in 3 Ratepayers in Southbroom contributes to our Association – better put, every 2 out of every 3 persons offer NO financial or other assistance to the Association. Are you one of those who is happy to benefit from the generosity of others without making a contribution?

• The Association’s Constitution details as its main objective “the promotion and protection of the interests and welfare of the members of the Association”. The Association goes well beyond this objective – it promotes and protects the interests and welfare of all property owners in Southbroom.

• The Association is in constant contact with officials from Hibiscus Coast Municipality, UGU and colleagues from other Ratepayers Associations on the Lower South Coast. The Association will remain committed to such dialogue provided that all parties recognise the benefits of such dialogue and that fair progress is made towards improved service delivery.

• The Committee is presently meeting monthly to deal with pressing matters such as:-
> The Meeting with senior management of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality to debate the current Budget, with particular reference to the new Assessment Rates, Debt Collections, Capital Upgrades, Salaries and Employment Costs etc.
> The enforcement and protection of the Southbroom Town Planning Scheme (we don’t want Southbroom to become a high density metropolis such as Ballito or Amanzimtoti).
>The poor delivery of services by the Hibiscus Coast Municipality – condition of the roads, verge cutting, cleanliness etc.
> The contamination of the water in the lagoons, streams, beaches and dams within Southbroom. In this regard the Association is financing the water testing, in the hope that the results will force/urge the Hibiscus Coast Municipality and UGU to recognise the seriousness of the problem and to take appropriate action. In this regard, owners are reminded of the importance of regular treatment of septic tanks, and where possible the modification of piping to separate black and grey water, the latter to by pass the septic tank and go directly into the soak pit.
> The Southbroom Library and its role in the Community. Here also cash is required to finance new shelves, replace the faulty burglar alarm and cover the costs of light and water, telephone, garden and tree maintenance etc. With regard to the “Library Tree” costly efforts are being made to save it from destruction by wood borer.

• Through the efforts of the Committee (past and present), Southbroom’s Granny’s Pool is now the proud owner of a new changeroom and toilet facility which is both attractive and wheel chair friendly.

• This newsletter, designed to keep Southbroom residents and other friends informed on items of interest to the community, is prepared and generated by Sandra Wright, the Secretary of the Southbroom Ratepayers Association.

The Association appreciates the extreme generosity of some ratepayers who contribute more than R100 per property, but equally we must appeal to those non-contributors to “sign up” and be part of an important initiative.

Deposits can be made directly into our Bank account and copies of such deposits should be posted to Southbroom Ratepayers Association, P O Box 13, Southbroom, 4277. Accompanying these copy deposits should be the Ratepayers full details, particularly one’s stand number and e mail address.

For the record the Account is a Cheque Account in the name of Southbroom Ratepayers Association at Standard Bank, Margate Branch and the Account number is 053386744.

>> Condolences

Tragically, one of our police assists Dhekisisa Sedric Shusha was shot and killed at 5am on Sunday 24th June, after being called out to a disturbance in Trafalgar. Our heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to his family and colleagues.



(extract - “From my Hide”)
With thanks & acknowledgment to David Holt Biddle, South Coast Herald

The villages of the Lower South Coast are remarkably rich in wildlife such as the Blue & Grey duiker, Bush buck, leguans, Nile monitor....... Even Genet, mongoose and porcupine may been seen.

Sadly much of our wildlife is on the decline. There are a number of contributory factors:
>Hunting (both illegal hunting with dogs and by domestic dogs that are allowed to roam free).
>Road kills – speeding.
>Development. It is a fact of life, good for some bad for others!.
With development comes loss of habitat for wildlife.

Most species have a range area or home range which they consider theirs and in which they are accustomed to move at will. For most wildlife on the Lower South Coast what is left are islands of wildlife habitat. Some are formal nature reserves and other conserved areas such as the Frederica Preserve and Bush buck Trail in Southbroom, undeveloped municipal & government land or, very importantly, private gardens.

Whether completely indigenous or not, private gardens can be vital sanctuaries to wildlife. The more indigenous the more food, shelter and building material they provide A private garden with wildlife friendly fencing can provide an essential corridor from one piece of natural habitat to another for all sorts of wildlife. If your fence is not wildlife friendly you may consider creating a corridor within your boundary from one side to the other.

Southbroom Golf course offers not only a green lung to Southbroom but also corridors of indigenous vegetation for the wildlife. The added bonus is we get to see the wildlife.
Housing estates can do the same.

Birds of course do not need corridors or friendly fencing. They go where they please but they are dependent on our protecting their food, shelter and building material or they will go elsewhere or slowly decline. So please keep planting those indigenous trees and shrubs.


It never stops happening at the Library! 

On the 13th of April the raffle, made up to the amount of R1000, was won by the lucky man, Danie Benade from Leisure Bay (see photo). We raised R1520.00 from the sales of tickets at R 5 each. We want to thank everybody who bought tickets and all the volunteers who sold them so willingly. Congratulations to Danie! 

The endless stream of donated books still has not come to an end and for this we say a humble thank you. Once again Kloof Library sent 3 boxes full, and many wonderful readers brought bundles of books. Give us another month, or so, and we will be able to give you a break down, percentage wise, of books owned by us and books belonging to the Municipality.

Russell Mackenzie has offered to make us much-needed shelves and charge us for the material only. What a nice gesture. A man of many talents.

Bill and Margie Sherratt have donated a date stamp to the library, ‘regardless of the cost’, as they put it. Thank you so much.

ADT security has made an ‘offer we could not refuse’! As a service to the community of Southbroom they have offered to maintain and monitor a security service free of charge for as long as the contract stands. For every installation sold through the library, they will give the first month’s rental as a donation to the library. 

Giving the loose change from the Development Fund Bottle in at the Pop-In Store, it was stated as being R10. But on counting it at the tills, Tracy and Princess, discovered that it was R100! Thanks to them for pointing this out to us.  

Last but not least: the R100 notes which keep finding their way into the above mentioned bottle, the raffle sales, sales of duplicate books, has made it possible for us to have surplus money, which will be spent within the next month on brand new books for you all.




5th June 2009

Southbroom Conservancy & Southbroom Ratepayers

Invite you to celebrate the completion of the new public facilities at Granny's Pool.

Join us at Granny's Pool on World Environment Day:-

Friday 5th June 2009


16h00 onwards

(formalities at 17h00)

The rising of the full moon will mark the occasion!

Bring your sundowners, picnic basket, deck chairs and tables ... and don't forget to include a warm top.

Music will be provided.


25 July 2009

This is our major fund raiser for the year!

With the community's very generous support we raised R31,000 in 2008.

 Many thanks to those who have already made a commitment for this year.


BB Stableford Comp: Separate Men's & Ladies section

> Sponsor a Hole : R500 and the hole is yours for the day to do a promotion.
> Give a Donation: Your name will be listed on the Sponsors Board on the day.
> Make up a 4 ball: R50 entrance fee per person.
> Sponsor Prizes: We need 2 prizes per position.

> Become a Member: annual subscription is R200
Contact(s) Val Holtshausen 039 316 8543 or Pearl McGregor 039 316 6409 for further details

Banking Details:

   Bank:  Nedbank - Port Shepstone

  Branch No:   139828

  Account No:  1398 104930


A most informative book on Invasive Alien Plants in Kwazulu Natal is available from David Halle at R50.00 per copy. The book is published under the auspices of WESSA-KZN and every household should have a copy.

Also, if you would like a guided tour through the Bush Buck trail

Click here to contact David.





Tuesdays: 09h00 - 16h00

Thursdays: 09h00 - 16h00

Saturdays: 09h00 - 11h00



Congratulations go to

Mr. Danie Benade from

Leisure Bay.

Presenting this wonderful prize to Danie are Pearl McGregor (I do believe Pearl sold the winning ticket) and Heather Campbell - both of these lovely ladies are volunteers at the Southbroom Library.

 Southbroom .....

Most Popular Golf Course

in KZN


Compleat Golfer

 has judged Southbroom Golf Club to be the

 “Most Popular Golf Club in KZN”

as it consistently features on the shortlist of favourite golf courses. Important factors in the adjudication included welcome extended to visitors, efficiency of general service, and the quality of the course. Southbroom excelled in all categories and in terms of value for money was ranked among the best.





 Mr. James Butterworth from Southbroom for sending me his beautiful butterfly picture of a Common Wanderer which he took while visiting Oribi Gorge.

 Sheena James for Granny's Pool & 13th Hole  pictures. Heather Campbell for the raffle picture.

Dick Holtshausen & Welcome for the picture of