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Crime 7 incidents (housebreaking) in July, this is slightly higher than normal the crime rate increased over the holiday season but it has since decreased.

All incidents are being investigated.

Please yet again be vigilant with regard to securing your property, car etc and report any suspicious people and or activity and above all report crime.

Street lighting - Important Telephone Numbers

Below are the telephone numbers to call if you have queries regarding the flood lights on the main beach or general street lighting.

1). Flood Lights - talk to Jashri on 039 315 6365

2). General Street Lights - Phone 0860 037566 - you will need your Eskom account number to report any faults, etc.



Public Water Quality
Since December 2007, a testing regime of Southbroom Ground Water Run-Off has been instituted and its findings are detailed in a recent report.

A summary of the conclusions of these measurements is printed below.  Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the full report can email the Southbroom Ratepayer's secretary. Click here for full report

"Conclusions Drawn
For Southbroom Village’s future.
1. There are only three options when it comes to treatment of our domestic wastewater
a. A “Water Borne” system. This would be extremely expensive, with capital costs of over R80 000.00 / Lot to install, and monthly fees thereafter. This level of capital expenditure is not feasible in the near to long term.
b. The “Conservancy Tank” system. This is an option in the case of poor soil conditions but should not be considered as the whole solution. The provision of “honey suckers” and the infrastructure, needed to service this option as the total solution, is not available. The damage to the Village light duty roads by these trucks is massive, and the facilities to treat the sewerage discharged are woefully inadequate at present, even without the additional load.
c. The “Septic Tank” system. This is what we have and is our only solution! It is vital that we, as residents, make sure that this system works, and that we all contribute by monitoring and treating our systems intelligently."

Granny's Pool - Back In Business

The new facilities at Granny's Pool were opened by Hibiscus Coast Mayor Nolwazi Shusha on June 5th.
In usual fashion, the Southbroom community gathered to celebrate (with snacks and ‘tea’ on the beach) and a wonderful evening was enjoyed by all. The weather was beyond picture perfect and, under the rising full moon, Southbroom Conservancy floated candles out on the pool to mark the occasion and to celebrate World Environment Day.
The remedial work at Granny's Pool is the first of the ‘Tidal Surge Projects’ to be completed on the South Coast and the facility is proof that good can come out of bad. The ablutions are now set higher on the dune and include ramps for the disabled, a viewing deck and showers.
Special thanks go to Johan Pretorius of Southbroom Timber Homes, the successful tender, who did a great job and added many special touches over-and-above the contracted scope of work. Thanks also to Southbroom Conservancy for organising the evening and to Paul Reid-Robertson for organising the music.


Ablution Block Before The Storm

Ablution Block After The Storm

Ablution Block As Of 5th June 2009



114 Players, 75 sponsors and good golfing weather helped make The Conservancy Fund Raising day a great success.  Despite recessionary times over R35000 was raised.

Conservancy's role in the community is vital.  The 350,000m2 of conservation land, the Admiralty Reserve and the Golf Course make Southbroom such a special place.  The conservation areas have been neglected for many years and the focus is to restore the natural trees, bush and grasslands and protect the wild life in these areas.

A big thank you to Southbroom Golf Course and all the players and sponsors.

The sponsors list has been posted in the Library and at the Southbroom Supermarket.

Val & Pearl we congratulate you both on all your hard work-it paid off!! 1st Ladies -Della Kempthorne & Viv Date congratulated by    Dave Hallé 1st Mens - Justin Knott & Phil Hollick

The day was a great success mainly due to the hard work of three ladies - Pearl McGregor, Val Holtshausen and Heather Campbell.



12 Brand new books have been added to the library, purchased with your money, which was initially given with this in mind. Please come and visit us and take them home to read. Thanks to all of you who made this possible. Another batch is going to be added soon.
Jim and Lorraine Cook have very kindly given to the library a computer, printer and a scanner, in perfect condition. We want to thank them sincerely for this kind donation. We can now consider putting all our books on record.

Angel Wings Care Centre

All you wonderfully kind and caring people who donated clothes, household articles, money, etc to the organisation 'Angel Wings Care Centre' from Paddock, thank you so very much. The person running this project came to fetch everything on Wednesday and said they will write a little note thanking all who contributed from Southbroom. A businessman from Port Shepstone financed them with a chicken project a while back. It went well until a BEE farm next door started the same enterprise. This BEE Company is selling chickens at a loss to the detriment of Angel Wings. Janndre, the manager of Angel Wings, is offering their chickens for sale to Trevor, who is willing to take orders and sell it at cost to the public. Trevor also provides bread at a very special price to Angel Wings. How's that for Community Service! Please, go and place your orders with Trevor at the Southbroom Supermarket next week. It will be so much appreciated.
Once again our deepest thanks to everybody donating books to the library. It keeps on arriving and we are truly thrilled.


Sept 6th- Nov 29th

70 km Shoreline Challenge

  7 legs (approx. 10 km per leg)

To be held on 7 Sundays commencing on Sunday 6th September and finishing on Sunday 29th November.  The leg affecting Southbroom residents takes place on

Sunday 15th November


Southbroom to Impenjati

starting at


for full details of this leg and the other 6 legs please

 Click here to contact David




*Even if Monday falls on a Public Holiday
*Refuse may only be put out on the day of collection.
*It is an offence to put your domestic refuse out before the allocated day
*Please do not put domestic refuse near or in the concrete bins


In some cases domestic refuse is collected if it is on the business route. However, the refuse truck is not obliged to pick up any domestic refuse on the days allotted to business only.


This area is being investigated as a possible spot for a skip for those people who leave Soutbroom before the allotted refuse collection day(s).



1). Southbroom Supermarket is in the process of moving to the Ilala Boulevard along with the Post Office -good luck Trevor and Yolanda.

2). Congratulations on the successful opening of "Coffee On The Square" - it is great to see so many people supporting this wonderful addition to Southbroom.

3). The pharmacy is awaiting receipt of its license and hopes to be operational in August.

4). The latest we have heard about the garage is that it is waiting for the canopy to arrive.



Whale-watchers and beach-goers got a huge surprise on Saturday 18th when an Eskom truck crashed through the stone wall barrier at main beach. Fortunately, the driver managed to swerve to avoid the lifeguard building and nobody was hurt. Later, a larger Eskom truck arrived to winch it back onto the road.  




Tuesdays: 09h00 - 16h00

Thursdays: 09h00 - 16h00

Saturdays: 09h00 - 11h00

Once again a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this  Newsletter and special thanks to Simon Max Bannister for the main photo, and as always, our own Sheena James for all the other photos.