Southbroom Newsletter :: 20 February 2010

A Southbroom Ratepayers, Conservancy, Policing and Library Initiative.
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2010 Committees

Ratepayers Assoc: Mobile: 083-702-1311

Bruce Mackenzie (Chair)

Joy Crutchfield (Vice)

Graham Volck (Treasurer)

Jackie Pratt (Secretary)

Kingsley du Plessis

Dawne Murray

Dick Plaistowe


Mobile: 082-300-4283

David Halle (Chair)

Peddy Bam (Vice)

Bob Kempthorne (Treasurer)

Heather Campbell (Sec)

Mike Lyall

Val Holtshausen

Dawne Murray

Les Savage

Richard Savage

Anne Skelton

Policing Forum:

Mobile: 083-441-6986 Kingsley du Plessis (Chair)

Dick Holtshausen (Vice)

Joy Crutchfield (Treasurer)

Paul Reynolds (Secretary)

Vaughan Beesley

Benny Kruger

Bruce Mackenzie

Welcome Shusha (SAPS)

Victor Chetty (HCM)



Annette Brink (Chair)

Heather Campbell (Secretary)

Ward 1 Councillor
Dave Watson

Mobile: 082-374-4114

Landline: 039-311-2653


Refuse collection
Domestic refuse is collected in Southbroom on Mondays. Please do not place bags out for collection on any other day.



Subscriptions now due - R200

Your support is critical to the success and continued efforts of the Southbroom Ratepayers Association. Strength in numbers is important when dealing with the authorities and sound financial backing is imperative.

2010 subscriptions are now due.

Please deposit R200.00 into:

Southbroom Ratepayers Association;

Standard Bank Margate - 057528;

Account number: 053386744

Please e-mail your payment confirmation to:

and clearly indicate your name and stand number.

Thank you.

Coming soon ...

A beach wheel chair and swimming success for the mobility impaired will soon be available to the public at Granny's Pool.

Be sure to look out for details in the next newsletter.

Please attend the public meeting for the PROPOSED REMOVAL OF MAIN BEACH TIDAL POOL

To be or not to be, that is the question.

Project outline:

The Southbroom Tidal Pool was built in the early 1950's as a public amenity. Over the years it has become damaged as a result of wave and wind action as well as the flawed nature of its original design. Added to this is the view that the tidal pool is in an overwhelming inappropriate position in the most dynamic area of the coastal zone.

Consultants have confirmed that there are three alternatives or options regarding the future of the tidal pool:

1. Demolish and rehabilitate the area

2. Decommission without demolishing, but rather filling the pool with sand, and

3. Repairing and reinstating the pool.

Public meeting:

The meeting will fully inform the community and afford the opportunity to raise any issues and concerns - Riptide Restaurant, Wednesday 3rd March at 15h30 (registration) for 16h00. Please click here to download the PDF overview of the project and the form required to register as an interested and affected party.


Ratepayers are reminded that a vote was taken at AGM 2008. The result was 105 'for' to 3 'against' demolition of the pool and rehabilitation of the area.

The future of the Southbroom


Our Sector Policing Operation has successfully reduced house-breaking from 199 to 67 cases per annum over the past 3 years and Southbroom now boasts the lowest crime stats in the greater Margate District. This achievement was commended at a recent SAPS Crime Forum and together with 'safe beaches' certainly improves the value of both lifestyle and property in Southbroom.

As a requirement of the new Property Rates Act, property owners will soon be asked to affirm their continued financial support of this community initiative. A majority 'YES' will ensure survival.

The contribution per property for the 2010/11 year will be R600 p.a. which amount will continue to be billed on our rates statements in 10 equal monthly instalments ... if the majority of Southbroom property owners say 'YES'.

Please watch your inbox, post box, local notice boards and the local press for further information as the statutory process unfolds. We are required to prove majority support by 30 June 2010.

DIARISE - 28 February - Eyles Park

Bird ringing - 15h30: Talk and practical demonstration by Graham Grieves. Birds will be ringed and released.

Guided walk - 17h00: Experience the Bushbuck trail at its late afternoon best.

Music in the park - 18h00: Relax and enjoy your sundowners to the classical strains of Robin Ransome & Friends.

Library news

We thank the community once again for supporting their library and attending the two functions (and buying hamper tickets) over Xmas where we raised a whopping sum of nearly R11,000 which will be spent on purchasing new books.

We were very busy over this period with customers and with processing so many donated books from all over, but especially from book clubs, where relevant and the latest reading material come from.

After spraying an insecticide of his choice only twice, it looks like the efforts of Robin Greene have been successful to kill the woodborer in our beautiful Natal Mahogany in front of the library. This is GOOD news. Now, finally Michael Street will fill it up with cement and the tree will be saved. Thank you, Guys!

This newsletter is intended for ratepayers and residents of Southbroom, KZN, SA.

Southbroom Ratepayers Association; Southbroom Conservancy; Southbroom Community Policing Forum; Southbroom Property Owners Association; Southbroom Library

P.O. Box 13, Southbroom, 4277, South Africa