Photograph by Sheena James: Sun rise at Shad Rock




CONGRATS: David Hallé honoured

David Hallé was recently named "Conservationist of the Year" by the Alfred County Hunting & Conservation Association.

David is the Chairman of Southbroom Conservancy and never ceases to further all aspects of conservation on the South Coast. He is a most deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Proud of you Chair!

BOWLS: Join us on the green

Southbroom Bowling Club invites visitors and new players to enjoy fun afternoons on the bowling green. The dress is, “casual mufti” and flat shoes should be worn so as not to spoil the green.

Guidance will be given to new players and bowls are available on loan.

We have a lovely little club house with catering and bar facilities and a friendly bunch of members who will welcome you to an afternoon’s play. Our times of “tabs-in” are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at 14h15 and Fridays at 15h15.

The clubhouse is available for hire on days when bowls is not played. It seats fifty comfortably and kitchen and bar facilities are available.

Call 039-316-8059/8175 or Email 

BEACH PARTY: Old year's night at Main Beach Southbroom

Southbroom Ratepayers Association has again secured the rights to host the Beach Party on 31 December and has contracted an events co-ordinator to ensure a controlled environment and evening.

Whilst certain residents in the immediate area might be inconvenienced, we appeal for your understanding: there is no other way to defend our beach from private gatherings and the debris that lies in their wake.

This year, the Beach Party will be more upmarket in the hope that attending numbers will be reduced.

The area will be 'swept' after the party to ensure the removal of stragglers and cleaning teams will remain to prepare the beach for New Year's Day.


This season, residential refuse will only be collected from Southbroom on MONDAYS.

Please do not place refuse bags on the road verge on any other day as monkeys and dogs quickly turn it into litter. Rather make arrangements with a neighbour if you are leaving your cottage on a different day.

Thank you.

SECOND-HAND SHOP: Let Lood sell it for you

Call Lood on 082-558-1075. He has opened a second-hand store alongside his security business (Professional Security Systems & Consulting) in Ross Road/Gilbert Street.

Lood invites you to bring your old goods - furniture, clothes, whatever - which he will sell on your behalf.

Collection can be arranged if necessary.


Ratepayers Chair:

Bruce Mackenzie

Mobile: 083-702-1311


Conservancy Chair:

David Halle

Mobile: 082-300-4283


Policing Forum Chair:

Kingsley du Plessis

Mobile: 083-441-6986


Concerned Residents Against Pollution Chair:

James (Jim) Davey

Land line: 039-316-6595


Library Chair:

Annette Brink

Mobile: 082-448-4115

Landline: 039-316-6243

Library: 039-316-6999


Ward Councillor:

Dave Watson

Mobile: 082-374-4114

Landline: 039-311-2653


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS: Ratepayers Association, Property Owners Association (UIP) and Community Policing Forum

Notice is given of the Annual General Meetings to be held at 09h00 on Saturday 18 December 2010 at the Southbroom Golf Club.

If you are a Southbroom Ratepayer or Resident and would like to serve on any of these committees, please contact Bruce Mackenzie on 039-316-8786 or any of the other committee members.

The Annual General Meeting of the Southbroom Conservancy will be held on Thursday the 6th of January 2011 at the Southbroom Tennis Club - 16h00 organised walk, 17h00 meeting.

CLEAN RIVERS: A picture paints a thousand words?

We applaud the efforts of our "Concerned Residents Against Pollution" and those ratepayers who regularly treat their septic tanks with Probac. Thanks to their efforts, ground water conditions in Southbroom are steadily improving (Ecoli levels in our two lagoons currently satisfy Blue Flag specs) and wildlife is returning.

These elusive Otters were recently photographed at 07h00 in the Umkobi Lagoon by Jacques Sellschop of Marina Beach. The foraging party comprised a father, mother and juvenile moving rather like dolphins through the water but showing very little of themselves. What struck Jacques particularly was just how LONG the bodies appeared to be from tip of nose to tail. They exited the lagoon among the reeds below Milkwood.

Please continue to treat your septic systems - it's working. Probac is available at the Southbroom Supermarket. Buy a bottle today. All you need to do is flush it down the loo!

CLEAN FOREST: Helping our wildlife survive

Our new Game Guard (best he remain anonymous!) is doing sterling work in our coastal forest zones. Trained by Craig Hoskins of Crag's View Wild Care Centre, he is an expert at finding and removing wire snares - around 12 to 16 per week - as well as the occasional bolt cutter and battery charger!

We need everybody to be observant and to check their immediate locality for snares. If you require the assistance of our Game Guard, please contact Val Holtshausen on 039-316-8543 or Email

NO FIREWORKS PLEASE: Drawing attention to the plight of animals

Signs have been positioned at both entrances to Southbroom that will hopefully discourage the traditional release of fireworks.

Whilst the municipal bylaws permit fireworks  at midnight on 1 January, please note that they may not be used on any beach or part of the coastline unless an approved permit has been obtained. Fireworks may also not be discharged on any residential property unless the firing area is 100 meters away  from any building, tree, telephone wire or overhead power line.

Please report any unlawful activity or disturbance in your area to Southbroom Sector Policing on 039-316-6760 or to Margate Police Station on 10111. No doubt they will all be very busy on the night but at least the incident will be logged and followed up in the morning.

TRUMPETER HORNBILL: Research team returns to the South Coast

German students from the University of Mainz near Frankfurt have been studying our Trumpeter Hornbills and the role they play in propagating indigenous trees between fragmented patches of vitally important natural forest.

It is believed that the Trumpeter Hornbill is of particular importance to our local environment as a reasonable period of time elapses between them eating fruit seed and depositing.

Johanna Lenz has made a special request that we keep a look out for Trumpeter Hornbills, specifically nesting sites and any little (juvenile) hornbills wearing brown feathers as eyebrows instead of black. This would tell the research team that the first breeding pairs are already nesting.

It would also be a bonus if you happen to see a Trumpeter Hornbill wearing a radio transmitter on its back because, although the transmitter will have given up by now, the fact that the birds are still around is useful information.

If you have any information to share, please contact David Holt-Biddle on 039-313-5415 or Email


17 December 2010 - from 09h00 - Ilala Boulevard: Join us for an exciting sale of cakes and gift items. Come and browse through our wide selection of donated stocking fillers and last-minute gifts to complete your festive season purchases.

If you have any unused items, or unwanted clutter, please drop them off at the library any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. They will be included in our Boulevard Sale and find a happy home with someone else whilst making a financial contribution to the sustainability of the Southbroom Library and your continued reading pleasure.

23 December 2010 - at 14h00 - Southbroom Library: The draw for the Raffle Prize Winners will take place at 14h00 at the Library. Tickets at R10 each are on sale at the Library.

Please support these activities. Money raised will go towards purchasing the latest books available.

A blast from the past - These buildings now house the  Southbroom Community Police Station (left) and Southbroom Library (right).


May the joy of this Season be with you and the year ahead be filled with peace, hope and love.


MOONLIGHT MEANDER: The owl looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar ....

On Sunday 19th December, walk the sandy beaches of Southbroom under the Solstice Full Moon ... or just chill to the gentle strains of music and the waft of boerewors on braai fires.

Make yourselves comfortable on the Main Beach lawns from 18h00 and prepare to start walking to Sea Village and back around 19h00 as the sun goes down. The walk takes around 1.5 hours.

You can support the fund-raising efforts of the Umzimkulu Honorary Officers (KZN Wildlife) and buy a few Boerewors Rolls or bring your own braai meat and head for a braai fire. The Southbroom Ratepayers Association recently refurbished the sea-side and lagoon-side braai areas and the facilities await your enjoyment.

We look forward to sharing a pleasant evening.

This newsletter is intended for ratepayers and residents of Southbroom, KZN, SA.

Southbroom Ratepayers Association; Southbroom Conservancy; Southbroom Community Policing Forum; Southbroom Property Owners Association; Southbroom Library

P.O. Box 13, Southbroom, 4277, South Africa •