Photograph: Pam Quarmby's green fingers at Southbroom Golf Club



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UNSUNG HEROES: Dramatic rescue at Main Beach

Sunday at Southbroom Main Beach was a dramatic day that could have turned ugly save for the speedy action taken by Ubuntu Lifeguards.

At about 11h30 the two lifeguards on duty dived into the water at the southern point to save three people who had been swept off the rocks by a large wave.

At the same time, a Kite surfer got into difficulty and risked being swept out to sea by the 20 knot North-Easter.

Fortunately, one of the lifeguards had managed to make a call to his boss Hilgard Muller who, together with a lifeguard from Ramsgate Ski Boat Bay, came to assist senior lifeguard Clement.

Those washed off the rocks were quickly brought to safety whilst Hilgard, who had arrived on a jetski, pursued the kite-surfer who had been swept past Granny's Pool.

We thank and congratulate Ubuntu Lifeguards for all that they do to keep our beach-goers safe. Without their quick and appropriate response, Sunday could have ended in tragedy.

ROUGH SEAS : Ubuntu Lifeguards load their jetski

SPRING HAS SPRUNG: Spend an hour taking the litter off your street this Wednesday morning.



All you need is a black bag, a pair of garden gloves and a Spring flower in your hair (?) before taking your stroll - with or without the help of your gardener or domestic.


"A little Madness in the spring Is wholesome even for the King." Emily Dickinson


If we all put in one hour, we'll be amazed at the difference it will make to our town.


Thank you.

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