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Thanks to the generosity of sisters Delscey Shaw and Diana Mackness, Erven 236 & 237 Woodlands Road, Southbroom have been incorporated into the Frederika Nature Preserve.


Family Shaw - Delscey, Lesley, Frankie, Anthony, Nicole and James

Photographed following a walk through the Frederika led by David Hallè, Delscey and her two sons Anthony and James, who lives in Australia with his wife Lesley and daughters Nicole and Frankie, were amazed by the magnificent milkwood trees and the pristine condition of the coastal forest.


The Frederika Nature Preserve came into being in 1977 when 30 beachfront residential sites were placed on the market.  Leo Driessen, a concerned environmentalist, realised the value of the biodiversity of the area and the negative impact that development of the primary dune would have on Southbroom.  He purchased all of the properties on offer and donated them into the custody of SA Nature Conservation Centre (now Delta Environmental Centre).

Leo Driessen named the preserve for his wife, Frederika, who later increased its size by the donation of Erven 1 & 2 of Erf 449, adjoining sites on the highest part of the dune. Shortly after, the Southbroom community, through the then Town Board, purchased adjacent Erven 234 & 235 for incorporation.

In 1990, Delta's then Chairman, and friend of Leo Driessen, Mr N C Bloom,  registered the preserve with the Department of Environment Affairs as a South African Natural Heritage Site of National Importance.

Together with the Shaw donation, Frederika now comprises 9 hectares of mature, virgin dune forest and borders the 16th, 17th and 2nd fairways of the Southbroom golf course.  It is best viewed from the beach when gaining access at the Woodlands road cutting and walking south to Black Rock Road (Sea Village).

Southbroom is truly indebted to the vision and generosity of the Driessen and Shaw families.


A fine day, a golf course in prime condition, 118 players and 52 generous sponsors, ensured a successful and enjoyable tournament at Southbroom Golf Club on 28 July.

Members of the Southbroom Conservancy committee, Club Manager Tish Robinson, Golf Director Derek James, and Sheena James (Director of the Golf Director?) organised the event and are congratulated on their sterling efforts.

In addition to cash sponsorships of R19,200, competition fees of R5,900, and the incredible R7,000 raised by the raffle of the newly released 'Roberts Birds' book, over 20 positions in the field received prizes valued in excess of R14,000.

Congratulations and sincere thanks go to all who were part of the day. Yours is a fantastic achievement and of great value to Southbroom.

The Conservancy makes a significant contribution to Southbroom in the clearance of alien invasives and thus the preservation of our wonderful natural heritage.

In a year when a grant from the local municipality was not forthcoming, the golf day proceeds will go towards ensuring that efforts are sustained, especially those management practices required by the Natural Heritage status of the Frederika, for which Southbroom Conservancy is responsible: continued alien plant removal with associated soil damage and erosion reclamation; and regular patrolling to prevent debarking of trees, setting of snares and trespassing.

Special thanks go to John Bailey of Expandasign who designed, manufactured, and donated stunning promotional stands and tear drop banners. These will also be of great future value in promoting the Conservancy and recruiting new membership.


Southbroom possibly lost two members of its fast diminishing blue duiker population due to injury on Wednesday 8th August.

In the morning, a little buck that lives in the vicinity of the Steppe residence ran in front of Tony's car. Tony was going slowly and fortunately only bumped the buck. A distraught Tony took it home and it was later delivered to Crag's View Wild Care Centre by Stan & Viv Date.

The incident in the afternoon involved a doe and it was no accident.

Stefan le Roux and his mother were in their kitchen when they noticed construction workers on adjacent Lot 651 Berea Road repeatedly throwing something and then kicking it against a fence.  Thanks to the speedy and brave intervention of the le Roux's, the little female blue duiker survived but not without permanent injury.

Both SPCA's Colin Chetty and Craig Hoskins of Crag's View Wild Care Centre were quick on the scene.  The doe was rushed to veterinarian Leon Bruggerman and, whilst it looks like she will walk again, the nerve damage caused through kicking the doe's lower back and rectum will result in permanent loss of the use of her tail and possible difficulty in bladder and rectum function.

The two blue duiker are being closely monitored and cared for by Craig but it is unlikely that the doe will return to Southbroom. 

"We do our best to release blue duiker back into their familiar habitat, but with the rampant development in Southbroom the doe may be better off in a reserve", said Craig Hoskins.

Owner-builder Brian Joseph was most distressed when he arrived on the scene and, whilst his workers face a 5-year prison sentence or fine of R20,000 if successfully prosecuted, Brian has pledged a donation to Crag's View in respect of care.

Crag's View Wild Care Centre is the only official wildlife rehabilitation centre serving the lower south coast. It is a registered non-profit organisation that relies heavily on donations.  Please support this invaluable endeavour.  Banking details are alongside and their website address is




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Lucky Bill Barclay with the book that everybody wanted to win!

 Southbroom Ratepayers Association Chairman Joy Crutchfield, who was called to the scene, and 15-year old Stefan le Roux who saved the blue duiker's life




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