Five forums collectively aim to deliver this promise to the Southbroom community:


The focus is on civic pride and building good relationships with the providers of municipal services - be they regional, local, or their independent contractors.

The Association has an holistic approach and strives to maintain the aesthetic qualities and order of every aspect of the village.

Its success has been the strength and generosity of its membership. They have enabled the

Association to speak with a stronger voice, and to enter into public-private partnership to tackle items for which there was no, or insufficient, municipal budget.


The green lung of the Southbroom Golf Club, the un-spoilt Admiralty Reserve, and the 350,000m2 of land zoned conservation are what make Southbroom such a special place.

With the blessing of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality and Delta Environmental Centre, the custodian's of Natural Heritage Site Number 125 (Frederika Nature Preserve), Southbroom Conservancy aims to:

"Preserve in perpetuity the natural environment of coastal and riverine forest, coastal bush and grasslands, for the benefit of the creatures occurring there and the delight of future generations of humankind".


The formation, aims, and objects of a Community Policing Forum are embodied in National legislation to facilitate South Africa's fight against crime.

For the community to enjoy a lower crime rate, it needs effective policing. For the police to be more effective, the community needs to share its "eyes and ears".

This formal partnership between police and community results in joint identification and prioritisation in solving crime related issues. The Community Policing Forum also becomes the platform for community fears to be voiced and poor police/community relations and service delivery to be addressed.


Thanks to the support of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality and 98% of ratepayers, the municipal area of Southbroom, sea-side of the National Road, is now an Urban Improvement Precinct - an area from which the Municipality collects and additional levy from ratepayers in order to put ratepayers in a position to manage the provision of additional municipal-type services.

The initial focus of the Southbroom UIP is the provision of additional protection/policing manpower into the village via SAPS Sector Policing. In the future, the UIP mechanicm could be used for any municipal-type service that the majority of ratepayers vote to enhance

Southbroom Property Owners Association, a Section 21 Company (Association not for gain), manages the funds collected by the municipality. Municipal and ratepayer representatives serve on the Board, but the day to day management, in terms of an approved business plan, rests with the ratepayers.


Municipal manpower is over-stretched and, with the best will in the world, it is difficult for senior service providers to cover the vast areas under their control.

The Municipal budget is even more over-stretched and the Southbroom community has chosen to be proactive in order to maintain village standards.

The Street Champions initiative aims to identify at least one permanent resident per street that is prepared to be the "eyes and ears" of the community in reporting areas of concern to Council as well as to the Ratepayers Association, Conservancy, Policing Forum and UIP if necessary. Areas of concern include: the condition of roads and verges, site clearing, illegal dumping, building work, and potential criminal activity.

Street Champions is also the ideal forum to organise the street-by-street International Coastal Cleanup Campaign that is staged annually in September.