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Southbroom Sector Policing has resulted in reduced incidents of crime in Southbroom.

The 24/7 patrol will make further inroads. 

Phone the patrol car 24/7 or the office (office hours only at this stage) if you have a concern.

Every home should have a list of emergency numbers prominently on display - more so if it takes holiday lettings.


You never know when it may come in handy.

Southbroom Sector Policing Imbezane Office 039-316-6760
S A Police Emergency 10111
S A Police Margate 039-312-2524
Municipality Control room 039-682-5555
Municipality General complaints 086-166-1106
Ambulance Emergency 10177
Fire Control room 039-682-5555
Maritime Rescue services 031-361-8567
Poison Information 080-033-3444
No lights Control room 086-020-4560
No water Office hours 039-688-5700
No water After hours 039-685-4775
Water & sewage SMS 076-903-8772
UGU Call Centre Water 039-688-5830/6
Margate hospital Private facility 039-317-3201
Sheppie hospital State run facility 039-688-6000
Weather Bureau 082-162
Terrestrial poaching Hotline 039-315-0112
Marine Poaching Hotline 083-380-6298
NSRI Sea Rescue 082-990-5950
My armed response    
My doctor    
My relative    
Difficulties with an emergency call   1022