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There will be calm after the storm  - Photo: Beverleigh Annegarn

Community Communication 29th March 2020

Community Comunication 26th March 2020

MARCH 24TH 2020

Dear Residents and visitors,
We are all deeply concerned about Corona Virus, and the Southbroom Ratepayers Association are, and will be, taking steps to provide as much help and support that we can in these difficult times. Our national President has outlined the steps of the national lock down from midnight Thursday until 16th April and we are doing our best to support these instructions.
Help to avoid catching the virus
You have until midnight Thursday to equip your household with some basic items that we suggest will ensure your home is kept as free from virus infection as possible.

  • 3 weeks supply of Dettol or Life Buoy soap for hand washing at home - all homeowners are encouraged to equip their homes in this way. 
  • 2 or more working 500ml (or more) spray bottles containing a) surface and b) hand sanitiser. 
  • The first spray bottle for homes; to wipe down common danger areas, ie; all surfaces, all handles, stoves, light switches, keys, T.V remotes, taps and cellphones
  • Other bottles of hand sanitiser should be used by the family and also given to domestic staff to keep on their person at all times during their daily taxi commute to minimise the risks of  money exchange and other contact. 
  • 3 weeks supply of paper roller towels for the above - dishcloths are not hygienic and perhaps aren't washed regularly enough. Paper towels should be disposed of after use.

Please consider equipping your domestic helper with a similar group of items. You will need them in good health when the time comes for them to return.
Where can you get hand and surface sanitiser?
If the normal retail outlets do not have supplies of sanitiser, Southbroom Elite Property Services have a supply at present. Contact Paul Reynolds at 1 Eagle Street or phone
082 413 2955 to check on availability of his product. He claims that his hand and surface sanitisers are the “nuclear bombs” of the sanitiser world! Like many others he is struggling to obtain bulk supplies, especially the spray bottles. So please use any empty spray bottles you may have so they can be filled with sanitiser.
What should you do about domestic staff?
After Thursday midnight you will not be able to employ domestic staff unless they are resident at your property. If you or any member of your family are at high risk because of the virus, we suggest that you consider sending your domestic staff home immediately. Please remember that many of them are the main earners in their family and offering to pay them during their absence – whether at full or reduced rate – will be a huge benefit for them. If you are satisfied that you can contain the effects of the virus for the next three days, then you should follow our advice above and equip your staff as best you can to reduce the risk of them catching the virus and passing it to your family. We are sure that the relatively modest outlay will be worthwhile if it reduces the risk level for your family.
What social distancing limitations are in place in Southbroom?
The national government directions on the lockdown are aimed to ensure social distancing is in place to reduce the risks of contracting the virus. In Southbroom particularly the various sports clubs (Golf, Tennis and Bowls) will shut down from Friday. In the meantime their contact numbers are:
Golf telephone is 039 316 6026; Tennis telephone is 082 826 0479; Bowls telephone is 082 783 5236
Southbroom Library is closed. Up to Thursday anyone with books to return can drop them at Saveright with a note of your name and telephone number.
The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality had advised that all bathing on RNM beaches is banned. From Friday all these facilities will not be reachable. If you have dogs to walk, do it over the next three days because from Friday you will not be able to do so in public areas. Eyles Park and the Fredericka Conservancy are now also closed.
Food shops will be able to remain open but the details of how you get permission to visit them are not immediately available. We will publish details on this as soon as we get them.
What if members of the family are ill with Corona Virus or self isolating because of it?

  • If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive contact your doctor and stay in isolation as instructed by your doctor. If you develop severe symptoms your doctor will advise on your next steps
  • if you live with others and you or one of them have symptoms of corona virus, then all household members must stay at home and not leave the house for 21 days.
  • it is likely that people living within a household will infect each other or be infected already. Staying at home for 21 days will greatly reduce the overall amount of infection the household could pass on to others in the community
  • if you can, move any vulnerable individuals (such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions) out of your home, to stay with friends or family for the duration of the home isolation period and before midnight Thursday
  • if you cannot move vulnerable people out of your home, stay away from them as much as possible
  • if you have corona virus symptoms:
  • do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital unless your health becomes critical. We will try to get more detail on how you can access these facilities during lockdown.
  • at the moment, you do not need to contact the doctor’s surgery to tell them you’re staying at home
  • testing for corona virus is not essential if you’re staying at home
  • plan ahead and ask others for help to ensure that you can successfully stay at home and consider what can be done for vulnerable people in the household
  • ask your employer, friends and family to help you to get the things you need to stay at home
  • if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, or your condition gets worse, or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days, then use the online corona virus service.
  • If you do not have internet access, WhatsApp 0600 123456. For medical emergency advice dial 0800 029 999

How can the community of Southbroom help you when you are isolated under lockdown?
Pharmacies and Doctors clinics can remain open. Contact the Gracemed pharmacy on 039 316 6075. If you are taking scheduled medicines you need to talk to the pharmacy on what you need to do to authorise someone to collect them on your behalf up to Thursday. We have been talking with the pharmacy about organising a delivery service and hope to have it in place by Friday.
Food stores can remain open.
Saveright in the village has basic foodstuffs, dairy and bakery available on 039 316 6381 has delicatessen, pre-made meals and water available (subject to booking an appointment) on 072 773 3277
Saveright will arrange deliveries subject to a minimum order of R100.
Cafes and takeaways in these village stores will stay open for takeaway telephone orders only until at least Thursday 26th March.
Pizza Cafe on 039 316 8286 (from 1000 to 2000)
Vintage Street Cafe (Burgers etc.) on 039 316 6126(from 1000 to 2000)
Fisherman’s Net on 074 582 0575 or 063 766 9333 (from 1200 to 1730)
Take-away from Coffee on the Square on 039 316 3442 (from 0800 to 1600)
Take-away from Rip Tide on 039 316 6151 (from 1100 to 1800)
We are not sure about private water providers from Friday onwards but until then -
Hibiscus Water Solutions will fill your container(s) at their premises. Please ring them on
082 300 9738 to make an appointment. They are based in Southbroom Avenue.
The following stores can arrange delivery but please check on availability
Saveright for orders of at least R100
Until Thursday
Pizza Cafe for orders before 1930
Vintage Street Cafe for orders before 1930
Further away
Woolworths will deliver at a cost of R70 per delivery. Download their Shopping App from the App Store.
Pick n Pay have set aside Wednesday 0700 -0800 specifically for elderly shoppers at their stores.
The SRA Corona Virus support group are aware that at this point some regulations may need further clarification and will keep our community up to date with developments in the days and weeks to come. We are compiling a list of people who are be ableTanyone in need, if you are able to assist or know of anyone who needs assistance please send a WhatsApp top Allan Woods on 082 792 7676. Stay at home, stay safe.