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By far the most popular eco-outing that our coastal village offers, is a day spent on a clean, un-spoilt beach. Southbroom has three beautiful swimming beaches, Main Beach, Grannies Beach (Hotel Pool) and Umkobi beach.
DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED on the swimming beaches but can enjoy the long flat unspoilt area from the rocks on the north side of Umkobi as far as the rocks south of Grannies beach

Main beach offers excellent swimming and surfing and the natural elevation of the headland provides breath-taking views of the ocean. The Imbezane lagoon is fun for little ones and canoeists - no powered crafts are permitted - and a good variety of bird life can be seen on its tranquil waters and shores. The deck of the Riptide restaurant is a lovely setting with lagoon and sea views. Lifeguards are on duty in season only.

Hotel Pool was originally built by Frank Eyles in front of the Hotel where the Admiralty apartments stand today. When the hotel was demolished the tidal pool became affectionately known as Grannies Pool as it is a lovely safe swimming area for the elderly and toddlers, with lots of little rock pools for the little ones to explore. There is wheelchair access to the beach via a ramp and excellent ablution facilities.

Umkobi beach offers a more wild experience with its thick coastal vegetation. Fishermen enjoy the Marina beach rocks and bird life abounds on the Umkobi lagoon: Gallinule, Moorhen, Dikkop, Egret, Duck, and the fantastic show that the swallows provide, in summer, come sunset. Water mongoose are also active in and out of the reeds. Lifeguards are on duty in season only and the Trattoria restaurant affords excellent views of the lagoon.