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Not too many villages can boast easy access along the full extent of their coastline. Fewer seaside villages can boast that their natural heritage has not given way to high-rise hotels and apartment blocks.

To experience the natural beauty of it all:
Park at main beach and walk from the tidal pool around the headland. From there you can choose to get to Granny's Pool by scrambling the boulders and keeping seawards of the Admiralty apartments (its a bit tough); or to go up through The Outlook and on to Lewin Road. 
From Granny's Pool, continue south and enjoy the splendid flora of the Frederika Nature Preserve before passing the 4th tee of the Southbroom Golf Course.  
Shortly before, their is a cutting up to Blackrock Road if you would rather proceed into the village. Otherwise, continue south to Umkobi beach.  
There are a few rocky outcrops along the way, but they are easily crossed and the little coves that nestle between them are stunning.